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Sending Money Globally Within Minutes Using Multiple Currencies In Just a Few Clicks.

1 Register Account

Register your account, then login and enter your payment details, it’s that easy!

2Select Your Recipient

Enter your recipient’s email address, REMEMBER we DON'T SHARE INFORMATION with anyone you remain secured, then enter the amount and click send.

3Send Money

After sending money the recipient will be notified via email when the money has been sent into their JanePay account.

Send Money Within Seconds.

Anyone with an email address can send or recive money whether they have a account or not. Pay with a Credit & Debit Card, PayPal, Crypto Currency or Bank Account

Send Money To Anyone, Anywhere, Instantly Using JanePay

Transfer funds to your friends & family globally through the JanePay mobile app. Funds go directly into your JanePay account whether the recipient has one or not.

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